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[MOD] TK17 3D SexVilla / Ver: 1.5

Year of issue: 2017

Censorship: No / There is a patch to delete
Developer/Publisher: modsgarden.cc (many authors)

Platform: PC/Windows
Edition type: Supplement (AddOn). Requires the original version of the game.
Tablet: Not required
Version: 1.5
Game language (plot): English
Interface language: English, Russian (installed separately)
Audio Language: English

System requirements (These are not minimum requirements, but those on which the assembly is tested):
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470; RAM: 8.00GB; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST; HDD 17GB; OS: Windows 10 Enterprise / Windows 8.1 Professional

Description: The archive is an assembly of mods for TK17 3D SexVilla written by the community modsgarden.cc. As the graphics engine is used hook5 (for the paid version there are left the plug files to replace them with the original ones). The distribution is currently composed of 30 retextured rooms and 12 models. Details in change history. All screenshots are made in the paid version of the hook.

Installation order:
- For the hooks to work correctly the distributed Visual C++ package for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 (x86 version) and DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) are required.

- The original distribution kit version 7.5 is required - you can download it from this link https://pornova.org/porngames/8-the-klub-17-2014.html .
Install mod package. Installer itself will find the folder with the installed game - just click next.

- Install mods. Mods are broken down into categories: Rooms; Poses; Basic Mods; Stuff and Objects; HOOK5 basic version; HOOK5 paid version; Gameplay and interface; Body, Hair, Leather Modifications; Models. In order to set the whole category you need to select it from the list below and press the ++> button on the right (attention! - button --> will also set the whole category, but will disable all previous mods). In order to disable the whole category press <-- right. For mods in this distribution mode is enabled installation via hard links to save space and speed up the installation process, be aware of this if you are removing mods by hand. It is recommended to install all categories except: "HOOK4 (outdated version)", "HOOK5 paid version", "H5 body textures (turn off for H4)".

Tip of the day:
In many rooms the placement of poses is not done completely or correctly. There is a green arrow in the upper right corner to move the whole pose, but this arrow has additional options:
Alt+arrow - to move the position along the axes.
Alt+Shift+ arrows - to move the position exactly along the axes.
Ctrl+arrow - rotation of the position along the axes.
Ctrl+Shift+arrow - exact rotation of the position along the axes.

The modsgarden.cc has a server in the disk. Please ask your questions to modders there.
If you want to help improve the build and reduce the number of departures, please attach files Klub-7.log and mainfx_errors.txt . I can't guess why there was a flight just by looking at your message.

History of change:
20.05.2018 version 1.4
Added models:
Bugfix issue. Fixed eye problem. Replaced 4x mod by the recommended version.

16.06.2018 version 1.5
Added Rooms:
ROOM 025 Dome H5
ROOM 273 Inferno H5
ROOM 393 Classical Office V2 H5
ROOM 396 Dance Studio H5
ROOM 411 Psych Ward H5
ROOM 412 Inside Pool H5

All added rooms were tested on a paid version of the hooks as they have a large number of light or fog sources. On the free version, the picture may differ from the screenshots. In the room "ROOM 269 Paris Appartment H5" removed all light sources, left only sunlight because of the complex geometry of the room honest calculation of lighting gave low fps.
Added a set of body textures from K1T0:
BODY K1T0 Skin H5

Added model:
The installer now determines the language to be installed. In the English locale, groups of mods will be named in English.

_MOD__TK17_3D_SexVilla_1.5.rar - 10437874516

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