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Cockwork Industries: Complete Edition / Ver: 4.01

Year of release: 2018
Release Date: 2018/10/26

Censorship: None/Available Patch to Remove
Developer/Publisher: Digital Seductions

Platform: PC/Windows
Edition Type: Completed
Software Key: Not required
Version: 4.01 + CG-Rips + Guide
Game language (storyline): English
Interface Language: English
Audio : Unknown / Other

System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows; HDD: 547 Mb

Description: Cockwork Industries is a real game, not just an excuse to look at hot, naked girls. We want to offer you a fun and engaging experience with adult content that will keep you coming back to the game.
The game offers a variety of play paths with multiple endings based on the romance options you choose. There's even an optional gay romance option for those looking for that kind of thrill!
Master your seduction skills and become a better lover! Make the most of your playthrough!

Complete Edition
New Features:
- 2 new sex scenes - a lesbian scene with Andrea and Kyoko + an additional hidden sex scene featuring Rita.
- 4 new Secret Archives achievements.

- Remastered Personnel Files and Secret Archives animations - now in 60fps and with added sound effects.
- 3 save slots instead of just 1.
- Ability to disable sound and particle effects via Pause Menu.
- Ability toggle the fullscreen/windowed mode by pressing [W] key.
- The finale QTE can now be skipped on subsequent playthroughs even if you finished the game by failing the QTE on your first playthrough.
- Sex scenes can now also be skipped in Simplified Mode (provided you previously finished them at least once in Adventure Mode).
- Additional minor bug fixes and text corrections.

Important Compatibility Information:
- Because the save system was reworked, save files from older versions will no longer work with this version.

- To improve compatibility, the achievement storage file ("bc.x") is now stored in the game installation folder instead of the Windows user folder. If you had previously unlocked Personnel Files/Secret Archives achievements, please navigate to C:\Users\*username\AppData\Local\Digital Seductions\ and copy "bc.x" file to the folder where your Cockwork Industries game is located.

Cockwork Industries: Complete Edition / Ver: 4.01


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