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Something Unlimited / Ver: 2.3.95 + Rebuilt Demo

Year of release: 2016
Release date: 2021/11/30

Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: Gunsmoke Games

Platform: PC / Windows / MacOS
Type of publication: Under development
Tabletka: Not Required
Version: 2.3.95 + Rebuilt Demo
Game language (plot): English
Interface Language: English
Voice Language: Unknown / Other

System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows 7 / MacOS
CPU: I3 or higher
HDD: ~16 GB

**Update to 2.3.95 + Rebuilt Demo

Description: The game obviously is inspired by the DCAU and has elements of the episode "Grudge Match" from season 2 of the JLU series, but this is completely parody. Not everything is hinged on that but it's the loose concept for the game to take place. Instead of starting an underground pit fighter you're starting more like a brothel/strip club. I wanted to stay away from the Training idea because it's just so much harder to make it make any sense and keep the characters relatively true. In this you'll simply upgrade their control devices and eventually be able to just inject whatever personality you want. It's of course based on Akabur'sPrincess Trainer but I wanted to have more freedom to just do whatever. The game plays the same though, you generate money daily to unlock more things. I'm still figuring out what will actually be in the game at the initial release just based on time. I plan to keep adding to it though, everything in this game has been designed to be expanded. So you can think of the first official release more as a milestone and more will come in the future.

Fixed ---------------------------------------

- Themyscira map extended for better navigation
- Vault section for Themyscira characters

Added ---------------------------------------

- Themyscira Event

11 Backgrounds

- Alexa Content
- Handjob Scene

- Grail Content
- Bathing Scene

- Guards Content
- Bathing Scene

- Myrina Content
- Masturbation Scene

- Nubia Content
- Titjob Scene
- Titjob Cumshot Scene
- Blowjob Scene

- Oracle Content
- Priestess Handjob Scene

- Pallas Content
- Masturbation Scene

- Phillipus Content
- Intro Scene 2

- Superwoman nickname menu just looping in circles
- Hiring certain villains clearing out the other hires
- Grail not changing expressions in intro scenes
- Crush vault scenes showing up as unlockable when not
- Legion events not following timer properly
- Cheshire and Artemis scissor scene locking up the game
Added ---------------------------------------
- Themyscira Event
13 Backgrounds
- Alexa Content
- Antiope Content
- Grail Content
- Hippolyta Content
- Lex Content
- Myrina Content
- Nubia Content
- Oracle Content
- Pallas Content
- Peng Deilan Content
- Phillipus Content
- Priestesses Content
- Yara Flor Content


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