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Craving Quest (season 2 released)

Craving Quest (season 2 released)
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Pornova — News 26-09-2022, 08:31

A phenomenal role-playing game with marvelous Hentai artwork

Sex and video games don’t often work well together, but a game that’s well made and is designed around sex is even harder to pull off. Craving Quest combines the two in the breathtaking RPG game with stunning visuals and sound effects accompanying the engaging gameplay. Besides the intriguing fighting sequences, the main reward users get when playing is the romantic stories and sexual acts that go with it. All of the heroes explore their sexualities throughout the story with other characters in beautiful HD graphics. Not only is the adult content wonderful, but the game's mechanics is also what keep the gamers engaged.

Acquire a team before the battlefield

An essential part of Craving Quest is the team that goes on the journey. There are over 100 playable characters, and each one of them has unique sex scenes with intriguing plots. Players get to see their Heroes progress their sexual acts with the arousing story-based texts and visuals. Progression requires battle, and to keep the game fresh, the fighting sequences have a plethora of different backgrounds behind the various enemies players encounter. Abilities and spell animations are done flawlessly, and each Hero has its own unique theme to immerse the audience into the world further. There are seven chapters to the story that, on average, takes users 200 hours to finish, but the newest major update increases all of the beforementioned content.

A second season brings forth great improvements

After downloading the game from Erogames, gamers will notice the insane improvement in the graphics and the new homepage. An amazing design to the UI has replaced the old one, and the new background makes the game look fresh. The characters that players have known all along are receiving some improvements to their kit. Hero Awakening System gives the old Heroes different skill sets to use on the battlefield to dominate their foes. Alongside the teammates, a new character joins them on their journey through the wonderful new chapters of the story. Using Talent Skills, players can adjust their auto battle settings so that the casting order of the abilities looks smoother whilst fighting. A major update like this requires something to commemorate it, so there is a guarantee of 5 LSSR Special Pick-Up Heroes or Ultimate Goddess Festival-limited Heroes in the new summons. It isn’t mandatory, but the players that wish to purchase it have the chance to preview the results of the summon before they decide whether they wish to pay to obtain the 50x Summon Heroes.

Explore the plethora of waifus and the gorgeous world

Craving Quest has endless possibilities and doesn’t end once the story has been finished. Once at the endgame, players can enjoy competing against each other in the Colosseum. Create your own team and show off your skills by rising to the top. If PVP isn’t something gamers enjoy, replayability is always an option, and with so many ravishing and cute characters to choose from, it doesn’t feel like a chore to do. Enjoy the game in all of its glory at your own pace and have fun making new friends and foes on the battlefield.
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