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Big Kuyash 2015

This tale about a young maiden clear that steps into a new life full of dangers, difficulties and evil men.
And now more and Russian.
The history and the truth about the young virgins again, several days after graduating from school in the village of Great Kuyash. She lives alone with her mother, many years of work and care for their children and are now terribly shy men. Nature takes its, and therefore the corners drochaschaya mother - have vista home YY. There is a brother who has fallen down a great location for the second game - a city "Andreevograd", but promised to return.
The idea of ​​the game is essentially not reduced to the commonplace sex, they can never engage in or become a lesbian and cohabit with a girl (woman). The basic direction - a device SG in the big world and will have plenty of ways: from a mere economic, to, for example, the business model followed to marry rich "Papic." You morality and conscience of his hero, the NPC each has its own character and history, and only you can change and influence.
Special thanks for the selection of content and copywriting my assistant.
Hurry to the village of "Big Kuyash"!

Big Kuyash 2015