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Oh So Hero! Pre Edition II

Year of release: 2020
Release Date: 2021/08/31

Censorship: No Censorship/Available Patch to Remove
Developer/Publisher: Full Frontal Frog

Platform: PC/Windows
Edition Type: In Development
Patches: Not required
Game Language (Plot): English
Interface Language: English
Audio : Unknown / Other

System requirements (minimum): OS: Win10; CPU: Pentium4 2.0GHz; RAM: 2GB; VRAM: 2GB; HDD: ~2 GB;

New features:
New intro story sequence with art by Red and music by Cilantro!
New Lood City environmental art! Still under construction though.
New save game format!Supports three save slots.
Includes gameplay duration timer and autosave indicator.
Not compatible with previous versions of Oh So Hero.
Revised dialogue for Cas, Brask, Ket (all locations).
Mostly streamlined existing dialogue. New options will come later.
Improvements & bug fixes:
Added the news van to Sheo Islands Beach (near Jack).
Rework Southeast Beach crane to move based on player.
Reposition enemies and fix cameras in Treewish Forest.
Fix arrow acceleration in Brask's Jungle.
Stop Joe's slide ability when movement is blocked.
Prevent Joe from getting stuck in the ground when falling from a height.
Fix dialogue SFX and Cas's House ambience to use proper volume settings.
Use better SFX for Lono'e lusting Joe animation.
Fix fullscreen animations and climaxes to fit new speed of lewd animations.
Gameplay loading optimizations and fix for screen lock.
Updated credits.
Cosmetic tweaks.
And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!

There are no new animations this month since we're working hard to put the final touches on the next public demo of Oh So Hero: Pre Edition II. However, we have several previews for you in our most recent update post.

Changes made since last release (v0.14.800)...

New features:
Teleporters have arrived! You will need to visit a teleporter location to activate it. This will allow you to fast travel there from any other teleporter. You can find teleporters near the starting locations of Sheo Islands Beach, Southeast Beach, Brask's Palace, and Lood City! The visual design of the teleporters will change in upcoming versions, but we hope you enjoy the convenience now~
Drinks are in stock at the Grand Pour Bar & Grill at Smol Beach. You can use your Zenni to refill your HP/SP and optionally get a timed Buffto boost your lust resistance. In future updates we'll be providing more in-game information about the items you can buy and the stat increases they provide, but here's the rundown for now:
Spring Water costs 5 Zenni and fully restores all HP/SP.
Fruit Soda costs 10 Zenni and fully restores all HP/SP, plus provides the "Stamina Up Level 1" buff for 5 minutes, which gives Stamina +12 (less LP increase from enemy lust attacks) & Lubricity +16 (easier to break out of enemy grab power struggles).
Gameplay changes:
All sex and fap animations have been slowed down to 85% speed. We feel this is a more natural pace that is closer to Red's original vision. Please take a look and let us know what you think!
All other animations, including movement and attacks remain unchanged.
Improvements & bug fixes:
Joe's slide attack will continue until he has clearance to stand up.
The slide ability also has new sound effects that will be further revised in a future update.
Pause screen and other UI elements have been updated slightly.
And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!
Winner of last poll:
Horse and Polar Bear non-interactable NPCs will be coming to the beach area in the future!

Update from Red:
Hey guys! In case you're wondering, the background NPCs that won in the last couple of polls will be included in the next build as well as the first screen of Lood City. Thank you for your patience!

Oh So Hero! Pre Edition II


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