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Straitened Times / Ver: 0.1.0

Release Year: 2020
Release Date:2020/05/17

Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: HRelease

Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 0.2.0 public
Game language (plot): English
Interface language: English
Voice Language: No

System requirements (minimum):
OS: Windows 7 32 bit
Processor: 1.66 Ghz
Video Card: DirectX compatible card

**Update to 0.2.0 public

Description: It's a game about a young guy living together with a small Commune of Mother superior, holy Father and two novice Sisters (none blood related). One day his happy life was over when Father was arrested for financial thievery and your Commune has to start once over from the bottom. And the bottom is 2 rooms in a shady motel - the only place they could afford,

Now our protagonist has become the man of the Commune and it's only for you to decide what kind of life he'll be living from now on. Minding that now he has to share a room or a bed with one of the women.

Add. Information: Yes, this is another game about a guy who crawls under the skirts of everyone he meets from mother to teacher

Incest patch:
put the file "family.rpyc" in the directory "game"
if everything is correct, "family edition" will be written in the menu

Add: new person - Danielle Weaver
Add: Danielle Weaver event
Update: balanced energy mechanic
Update: reworked sleeping engine
Add: multi-event during sleep
Add: "pry around motel" event (nothing interesting right now)
Update: "moving in" event
Update: changing roommate takes time from now on
Update: caught during self release
Add: 38 new images

-school classroom error
-bath self release
-disabled rollback (it's not compatible with code)
-missing internet browser error
-bathrooms peeking
-say screen
-spelling errors
other minor fixes

StraitenedTimes-0.2.0.public.rar - 253687856

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