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Book of Lust / Ver:

Year of release: 2019
Date updated: 2020/08/02

Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: KanashiiPanda (Patreon)

Platform: PC / Windows / Linux / Mac OS
Edition type: Under development
Tabletka: Not Required
Game language (plot): English
Interface Language: English
Voice Language: Unknown / Other

System requirements (minimum):
:: CPU Pentium®4 2.5GHz :: RAM 1GB ::
:: DirectX 10 :: HDD 1GB ::

**Update to

Description: You play as a guy who accidentally releases a succubus (with a bit of a catch) and gets access to both her and her spell book.

-Fixed Sex Scenes with Donovan while playing as anyone else not working.
-Fixed Obedience and Affection not working on Donovan.

Some game notes:

- The options menu contains resolution and music settings.
- Press “n” or “right click” to go forward through the dialog.
- The “Travel Mode” button means that when you travel to another room; you get “Action UI” instead of “General UI”. This should facilitate long trips or repetitive activities.
- In order to normally get to the sister's room, you need to click "Action"> "Day"> "Action"> "Cassandra's Room".
- In travel mode you should press Travel mode> Day> Cassandra's room
- At the moment, in the menu "Character Statistics" there is a cheat button. This gives:
“Enough experience to buy all the spells.”
- Max Mana / Stamina
- Max Influence, Love and Lust for all interactive characters
- To individually change the Effect / Love / Lust / Hunger of a character, click on the character in the "Character Statistics" menu, then press the + 10 / -10 buttons next to the stat to raise / lower it.
“The Exp Salvage button can help reduce damage if I break the save system.” To use it, upload a save file that is out of date and click the “Exp Salvage” button. He will start a new game, but will transfer all the experience that you have earned. Try to give it a shot if something seems broken. It is likely that the update caused a conflict.


- N or right click - fast forward through dialogue
- Escape - Settings menu
- Z - Cum

- during the disclaimer screen with the “Agree” button; Set the resolution using the following keys:
- [1] = 1280x720
- [2] = 1152x648
- [3] = 1024x576
- [4] = 896x504
- [5] = 768x432
- [Q] = full screen

Available scenes:
-Like jake
-Sex with Kassandra
-Sex with Obsessed Cassandra
-Sex with Cassandra under the command - Delve Spell
-Sex with Olivia
- (v0.0.40.xx) Forced sex with Olivia
Sex with Cassandra
Sex with Obsessed Olivia
Team - Fuck Other on Kassandra
Sex with Olivia under the command - Delve Spell
Team - Fuck Other between Olivia and Cassandra while Olivia is under command - Spell Delve
-Sex with Julia when she arrives Sunday night
Kassandra Dream Spell
-Sex with Mel when he visits
Sex with Julia
-Sex with chalk
-Sex with Jake
Sex with Jake
All spells work on Jake except Command: Fuck Other and Soul Passenger
-Sex with Mel when he visits
-Sex with chalk
Sex with Obsessed Olivia
-Like Olivia
-Sex with Jake
-Sex with Mel when he visits
There are no scenes with Kassandra
-Like chalk
-Sex with Kassandra
-Oral blowjob from Kassandra, offering her a ride in a car
-Sex with Olivia
-Sex with Jake
- Olivia and Mel can start a permanent sexual relationship
Most spells do not yet work on Mela.
-Soul Passenger works for:
-Dominate Mind working on:
-Cassandra and Olivia may get pregnant
-You can send Aspect of Domination to hunt for sexual energy.
-You can send Aspect of Lust to hunt for sexual energy.
The maturation time of the Aspect of Domination is 5 days.
The ripening Aspect of Lust is 7 days.
Julia Woods Appears at Hart's Residence Sunday Night
-Mall Price at Hart Residence appears Saturday late at night

Areas available:

Hart residence
Maple Street
-Olivia Flower Shop
-Oleander Road
-Price of an apartment
-Derevyanskaya Lair
Julia's number

Caroline Questline:
-Introduction - Go to school like Jake this afternoon when level 3 or higher. Accept Julia's invitation to dinner.
Many thanks to Scion for letting me use his full-screen script!
The music was presented to me by a friend who wants to remain anonymous.

Book of Lust / Ver:


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