» » College Life [Unity] / Ver: 0.1

College Life [Unity] / Ver: 0.1

Platform: Windows
Language: English
Developer: Sexy Simulations
Censorship: No!
Version: 0.1
Recommended screen resolution: The game looks its best in 1600x900. 1920x1080 looks fine, but not quite as crisp.
Walkthrough: Yes, PDF included.

Description: So, this is the first version of my very own game - College Life, a Visual Novel/Dating Sim/College Sim game. As you can tell from the name it will be about college life, in the fictional city of Pornell. There will be dorm living. There will be exams. There will be parties (and beer pong, obviously). There will be mini-games. There will be story and romance and drama. And of course - there will be sex.

Aside from my Patreon page this is the first place I share this first version of the game. And since I currently have 0 patrons... you will be the first to play it! Consider it part marketing, part paying the Empornium community back with some original content for all the things I've downloaded during the years.

Will I upload future versions of the game as well? Well, probably not, it would feel kind of unfair to paying patrons. But if future versions of the game end up here anyway... I'll look the other way

Current features

4 in-game days of content (the beginning is pretty heavy on story and not that many side activities). Circa 60-90 minutes of gameplay.
Build relations with classmates and dormmates.
Experience the story, make choices with consequences large and small.
Get drunk to trigger special events in the story.
Manage player statuses such as energy, health and money.
Explore different locations in the city of Pornell (current locations include dorms, campus and a store).
Calendar to keep track of important dates and events.
Help section that explains concepts in the game.
And of course... sex! Currently includes handjob, blowjob and anal fingering.

Planned features

Two semesters of college - from the beginning of September to the end of May.
Build relations and hook up with just about any girl that is in the game.
Join the college swimming team and practice for the national college championships.
Work part-time jobs to earn extra money.
Study for courses and ace the exams.
Exercise at the gym to keep health and fitness in peak condition.
Image gallery (Patreon goal at $500 per month).
Music and sound effects (Patreon goal at $1000 per month).
More locations (next up is the gym and the beach).
More girls (play the game to see who is up next).
More sex (many different kinds of fetishes)!

If you like the game, please consider becoming a patron of Sexy Simulations on Patreon (link above or link on the title screen in the game).


College Life [Unity] / Ver: 0.1

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