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Acting Lessons / Version: v1.0.0 Extras

Year of release: 2018
Release Date: 2018/05/02

Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: DrPinkCake
Translation: ImperatorNick, lvroman64
Discord: discord

Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Completed (Completed)
Tabletka: Not Required
Version: v1.0.0 Extras (rus_eng) + walkthrough 1.0.0
Game language (plot): English + Russian
Interface language: English + Russian
Voice Language: Unknown / Other

System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows + Linux, Mac, Android; HDD: 1.66 GB

Description: The story centers around you, a middle-aged man engaged in cryptocurrency trading, tells the story of how you met a girl named Megan during a lifestyle change.
Megan is a young aspiring actress down her luck and in desperate need for help.
Will you be there for her when she needs it most and help her turn the tide? Can you win her heart?

Game process:
Gameplay is based on a solution. The player can be named according to your taste, and at an early stage you can choose to identify one of three different traits (athletic, charismatic or readable).
The traits will open up different options during the game and can lead to different reactions to your choice and influence how the characters perceive you.
Relationship statistics are hidden, and at the end of each episode a summary of the characters' choices and feelings for you is presented.

The focus of the game is on the blooming romance between you and Megan.
However, as the story unfolds, there will be other characters who can also participate in romantic encounters.
You can also choose a strong bond of friendship with your best friend Liam.
The game features music and sound effects.

v1.0.0 --
As of version v1.0.0, the game is complete, any future updates would consist of possible bug fixes.

Added Episode 8 that includes:
- 920 renders
- 32 animations (Extra material)
- 2 new songs
- 1 new sound effect

The complete game consists of >5000 renders, 217 animations, 61 songs and 30 sound effects.

-- Regarding old save files--
If you saved your game at the prompt in the end of v0.7.0 you can continue playing without any issues.

-- General changes --
Fixed a bug in Episode 7 where the final scene would show you something you didn't do. Won't write exactly what due to spoilers.
Minor changes to the story for episode 3-7. It's nothing worth replaying the game for or anything that will alter the experience of Episode 8.
Minor dialogue corrections.

-- Notes to Android users--
Old saves from v0.7.0 are located in this folder "Android/data/com.android.actinglessons".
Please note that in order to use your old save file you must first copy your old save files from v0.7.0 to your computer, then uninstall v0.7.0 and install v1.0.0 and finally paste your save files into the same location as before ("Android/data/com.android.actinglessons").

Acting Lessons / Version: v1.0.0 Extras

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