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Summertime Saga / Ver: 0.18.5

Year of release: 2016
Release Date: 2019/05/03

Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: DarkCookie

Platform: Windows / Mac / Android
Edition type: Under development
Tabletka: Not required
Version Eng: 0.18.5
Version Rus: 0.18.2 (Translation version dated 05/19/2019)
Game language (plot): English
Interface Language: English

System requirements (minimum):
Windows / Xp / Vista / Windows7; CPU: Pentium4 2.0GHz; RAM: 512MB; VRAM: 128MB; HDD 700MB

Description: After his father died leaving his mother, sister and him behind, their father's death though was suspicious and police investigated it. He also left the family a huge debt to some shady people. So now he has to look after them both plus find the people that caused his father's death, save for college and find a girl for prom.

Changelog 0.18.5 Eng
New content:
Jenny new sex scenes (3) in dining room, outdoor pool and bed at night
You can now climb into Jenny's bed at night (this was removed in 0.18.0, and is coming back now)
You can now ask Jenny for some late-night adult content watching. This will force her to catch you in the act on the couch.
Jenny has a little bit of extra content added to her, besides the new sex scenes, her story has been expanded to fit one new quest.
X-rays have been added to all of Roxxy's, Becca's, Missy's and Jenny's content. X-rays are triggered only when you cum inside.
The daycare location is now unlocked once any character is in labour
Rework of the codebase:
Creator Defined Displayables have been implemented to replace the following existing art assets:
Sex actions dynamic buttons (optimising)
Box dynamic buttons (optimising)
Menu dynamic buttons (optimising)
Most information popups (location unlocking, item acquiring/buying etc)
Those can now be translated directly.
Locations are now instantiated at init time instead of in a label called after loading/starting a game.
Any future change to the Location object will no longer break save compatibility
Location state is now saved in the Player class
Time played (displayed in quit message) now uses built in timer (which ignores time spent in menus).
The PregnancyManager API has changed.
Added LocationSchedule objects to the pregnancy managers, dictating
where a character should be located at any point during their pregnancy.
They are stored in a dictionary, with keys corresponding to each stage of the pregnancy
- Keys are as follows : "", "_pregnant_bump", "_pregnant_belly", "_labor", "_baby_[girl/boy/twins]"
Added a "state_actions" attribute to the pregnancy managers.
This attribute allows you to trigger machine actions at various stages of the pregnancy
Use the "add_action" method of the PregnancyManager class to set up.
takes 3 arguments
key (either "first" or "repeat" depending if you only want to execute the actions the first time or not)
stage (integer that represents the stage of the pregnancy to trigger the action on. Stages increment for every week passed)
actionslist : a list of {i}even{/i} length for the actions. Format is the same as for FSMs
Actions are triggered right after the pregnancy manager switched its stage (i.e. at the beginning of the week)
Actions are processed for the machine that has the same name as the pregnancy manager, a lookup is done on the store.machines hash table to get that information.
The State class has a new method 'int add_delay(int amount=1)' to add delay to the state dynamically. Returns the current state's delay.
Debug Menu:
Added pregnancy button to every FSM in the debug menu
Shows a screen that display debug info about the pregnancy
Allows incrementing manually the pregnancy, get a character pregnant and re-init the pregnancy
Reinitializing the pregnancy can cause weird behaviours, and should be used with extreme care
Persistent skip intro no longer forces cheat mode, enabling will skip first day regardless of mode.
Other improvements:
Rebuilt GUI from scratch to be cleaner and more maintainable.
Name entry screen:
Uses the last name used as the default (Anon if first time playing).
Does not save name until start is clicked (back or esc cancels the change).
Will no longer allow an empty name.
Save screen:
Save game description can no longer be empty.
When saving over an occupied slot, the OK button will become a red Overwrite button.
Added about screen containing licensing information.
Right click (while in game) now opens the game menu (previously went direct to save menu).
Changelog is now browsable by version and has a visual scroll bar.
Clear Persistent in settings now prompts for confirmation.
Added hover effect to save game thumbnails.
Now possible to exit cookie jar scene early using the game menu (right click/esc), and "End Replay".
Added hints to impactful choices in Jenny's quest.
Allowed access to previously locked action when repeating cheerleader scene.
Added new environmental effects to Jenny's shower scenes, and made them consistent.
Shop item popups are now done in code, and used everywhere possible
Item buying is now done exclusively with the BuyItem Action, which handles all the item buying logic, and shows the relevant popups.
Credits page now has visible scroll controls.
Added a PSA notifying players of the serious consequences of pregnancy.
Bug fixes:
Fixed Debbie's posing when talking to her when she's leaning on the counter.
Fixed pregnancy minigame happening even if a character is pregnant already.
Fixed being able to ask Clyde about the statue piece before learning his last name.
Fixed autosaving - saves will be made roughly every 200 clicks, and on quit.
Fixed art used when taking CumDoom pills.
Fixed problems that could arise when inspecting items in the inventory.
Fixed issue that prevented some characters being correctly rendered on the credits screen.
Fixed minor visual quirks with main menu animation.
Fixed being able to access the save menu when replaying a scene from the cookie jar.
Fixed being able to access the save menu when on mode select screen (esc will return to main menu).
Prevented alpha warning at Rump's house from bleeding into subsequent scenes.
Main menu music starts after (rather than during) the splash screen, as originally intended.
Use correct background when spying on Jenny in shower.
Fixed Diane being nowhere to be found when pregnant.
Fixed floating pills chests in Dr. Priya Singh's laboratory.
Fixed entering MC's bedroom triggering the bad guys event in Debbie's story.
Fixed BuyItem action not showing item popups
Fixed being able to buy the cyclone mask in advance, effectively wasting your money. The item will become available when needed.
Fixed Dexter's library book's dialogue staying well after the associated Bissette quest.
Fixed issue where Comsumr could grant random cash to player.
Limited the fetch Diane a drink quest progression to day time.
Removed dialogue repetition when speaking to Annie in her house.
Fixed issue with treehouse controller acquisition dialogue.
Added missing art and updated posing for Diane's "How's the baby?" dialogues.
Miscellaneous posing errors with jenny and mc have been fixed.
Fixed "Roxxy" dialogue option appearing when jenny is by the pool or in the dining room, causing posing issues.
Added a delay to 'S_diane_dinner' from M_diane if M_debbie is in state 'S_debbie_diane_visit' to avoid conflicts.
Fixed a dialogue repeating indefinitely by opening and closing jenny's nightstand when figuring out her PC's password

Summertime Saga / Ver: 0.18.5

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