» » Craving Curses Reloaded / Version: v0.05.2 Fixed

Craving Curses Reloaded / Version: v0.05.2 Fixed

Year of release: 2017

Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: Hag

Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Under development
Tabletka: Not Required
Version: v0.05.2 Fixed
Game language (plot): English
Interface Language: English
Voice Language: Unknown / Other

System requirements (minimum): Windows / MacOS, HDD 450 MB

Description: It is a first-person game which puts you in the role of a young man, to whom many crazy things happen! Choose your way through Craving Curses!
The main focus for Episode 01 was to introduce the player with the “normal life” in his town. You have your own Photostudio as a photographer, with two employees.

The business could be better. But your studio exist around for a few years.
Just today, one of those days seems to be, at which everything is simply out of control.

Add. Information: Very peculiar plot, I recommend to play at your own risk!

v0.05.2 Fixed
The story continues after a dreamy night (V0.05.1). Also this time the gods have some plans for the player. It remains as always exciting!
More "Sidecontent" will be available. You can also play the game next to the main story. There will be more and more events that have nothing to do with the main story. So you can have fun in the game, even if you have played through the game to the current end.

v0.04 Fix
In the middle of a scene (scene 44) the map is black. This happens if I don't hide the black image before jumping to the map. This is a script error. The map works, but the image in the background is not visible.
Furthermore, I noticed myself that a whole scene is not visible. Of course this is a pity, because it is important for the story. The scene is in the game, but due to a script error, this scene is simply skipped.

One important thing: Since I removed a bug from V0.01 and changed the map script, it is possible that your previous savegames cause errors. For bug-free play, you have to start the game from the beginning.

Download Craving Curses Reloaded / Version: v0.04 Fixed

Craving Curses Reloaded / Version: v0.05.2 Fixed

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A method for removing the censorship of foreign objects (eg. A circle with pixelation)
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