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Swingersheaven.com - A site for people with special interests

Swingersheaven.com - A site for people with special interests
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Pornova — News 31-03-2021, 20:02
Swingersheaven.com is a website that brings open-minded people together. Its main purpose is to provide a platform where swingers are able to chat, interact, arrange meetings, and have video chats. They have more than 44,000 members from all over the states, which is a solid number of possible sex partners for any visitor of the website. The best part about it is that the search tool allows you to find a more specific range of members from your local area. Members can add friends, have private chats with them, and even send pictures.

The website is serious when it comes to anonymity. Users can upload pictures, but there is no need to add personal information such as the name or date of birth. Everyone is in control of the info that they are open to sharing. Another convenient option is checking the latest ads. Those look like comments from the members who are interested in real meetings or online video chats. The profiles are usually managed by men, women, or couples, and each of them can write a short description of what they would like to find on this website and what turns them on.

A nice option for everyone interested in a more personal interaction is attending one of the parties that are listed under the Featured Events section. All the information about the location, attending members, prices, and time is there, and everyone is free to click Attend Party. This will automatically give access to the discussion, photos, and videos. An interesting section of the site is the Swingers Stories. Members can write about their experiences, fantasies, or naughty encounters, and share the whole thing with the other users. The same goes for the gallery. It is the place where the members can add their selfies, nudes, and sexy photos that will be accessible for other people on this platform.

Overall, the site is easy to use, has a decent number of users from all over the states, and respects everyone's anonymous status.
Try to hold on for 15 minutes and don't end up. I bet you can't do it.
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