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Summer happiness

Great school life classmates of the opposite sex.
To Love-ru Diary PEACH

Momo, the third princess of Devil * ke, urges Rito to train his sexual skills.
She seems to be bold and in a strong attitude but in fact she is also a virgin.
While his training progresses, their relationship gradually changes ...
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To Love-ru Diary PEACH

Butterfly Wild Dance

18 It is prohibited 3DCG video collection of ignorance ○ Mai.
Nurarihyon -The Stolen Soul of the Young Bride-

Dusk fell on the happy couple as they bathed at the lavish hot spring resort.
Then returned to their room for dinner.
... Where a strange, ancient little man was waiting.
* A Tale of Cuckoldry & R * pe by an Unwelcome Visitor *
The Nurarihyon is a famous yokai (ghoul) that sneaks into homes while the master is away.
To Love-ru Diary GOLD

An assassin girl has arrived suddenly from outer space. Her plan is to kill the young boy who meets her ...!
However, when he saves her from some despicable slime, her heart becomes lenient ...
Isekai Lovers! ~Kyonyuu no Yuusha-tachi wa Choro-in~

Isamu was a heavily-devoted FPS player who hated fantasy stories. He got a call-up notice as a reward for placing first in the world, but when he arrived at the designated gathering spot, he was brought to another world. The knight Rina, magician Kachua and elf Aida stood before him in a world that looked like a fantasy game. Kachua had summoned a hero to fight the monsters and save the world, but it seemed like he was useless. However, he was able to defeat them using a handgun which had been summoned with him, by striking at the vital points using his limited knowledge of fantasy games. He was treated as a hero and joined the girls on their journey. Maybe fantasy games are not so bad after all!
The One of Whom Legends Are Sung

Hakuoro, once found a family consisting of two girls and their grandmother in the woods not far from their village. He was severely wounded and lost his memory, the girls brought him home and nursed him to recovery. Hakuoro after recovery began to live in this village, but before Hakuoro has found its place in the village life, the village was subjected to strong pressure from the greedy emperor. Shortly thereafter, he led a revolt against the emperor.
Tengoku Hime ~Shinsei Tairan Soukai no Hasha-tachi~

This is the latest title in Gesen18's heroine-laden Gokuhime series. It is a crossover work featuring heroines from their previous games Sengokuhime (set in the Sengoku period) and Sangokuhime (based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms) .The main change is that the battle system is now real-time. As a result, you'll have to note the movement speed of armies, in addition to their attack powers. This allows more strategies to be implemented by the player on the battlefield.
Shin Injuu ~Mi wo Sasage Dare ga Tame ni Tatakau~

Latest work of popular original house-ShiSakihiyoko tree!
"Sex Monster (ten in)".
Probably because there is only a single individual, a general term for an animal that tries to breed attacked a human woman.
It can not be a modern weapon even, to inflict damage at all to them that exist from time immemorial.
By using to fight the Injuu each other in agreement with the Sex Monster, people have been countered by win to poison poison short.
And now. Who can contract with the Sex Monster is called "(a doctor who was) different". The causative Kaminariteitaka the (Raitei week), the eldest daughter-blessing God visit us who was different generations of the family (and spicy) (rain) had defeated the Sex Monster Attacks women today.
Some of those who praise you saw the figure, there was also the second daughter-figure ChiMegumi and (wisdom), third daughter-UmiMegumi of (Miya). That night, ChiMegumi to witness the appearance by chance, has been committed to the Terrible hawk blessing while bleeding on the way to the bathroom to take a (Roken) Oboro dog is Injuu own. It is told that it is price must I pay et al for UmiMegumi also appeared there, there is a causative Injuu. ChiMegumi you know the first time that that can not hide a surprise. A few hours later. ChiMegumi that has been chasing after the blessings God visit us who make a big deal It was the eyes, UmiMegumi you are causative Injuu- octopus of about prohibition and the (you'll gluttony), and facing the blessing that was riding on Kaminariteitaka. ..... shape was.
Watashi no Omoi ~Aijou to In'en to~

"...... What?" "No, it is not anything"
Boy sitting in front of me across the table, looked up and noticed my gaze.
KaoruTakashi kun - classmate, friend from childhood. And, my boyfriend now.
And because I liked much, it was really happy when I knew it was the same feeling he too. Thing from getting on the relationship of her boyfriend, happy and full of joy every day. One day - the bashing of the entrance, and had been placed in a feeling stripped off his shoes mom. Shoes of men's things with which it is unfamiliar ...... two. The pant voice of mom hear from more of the living room. "Anne, please return. Contact," "right now ..." If you go in the living room, there was a mom. As expected, you have sex with people of a strange man. I've seen things unpleasant. Also mom, and I wish I had give me bitch, please.The trouble because there are some things you just come back and take a man doing Oh occasionally. Really, man play because I'm intense. (Tsu anymore, fool mom)
Nonetheless familiar anymore, did not change the fact painful.
And as I have become a strange mood lately When I heard this voice ... or say what, ... I'm restless.
If you are listening to that voice of mom, here until it has come to a strange mood to Has turned into ......
Maybe I care !? ......
Why ...... Why ...... Become a ...... air-What should we do if.

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