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Lovecubus! ~Onna no Ko Akuma

Hero Tarot corresponded with the British girl on the internet.
One day, the family of the girl named Elena moved to Japan, and they first met.
(This guy is arrogant. He looks at me like I'm a failure ...)
(Can you see me for the first time, and I have is bad, this is bad as some badass ...)
Absolutely baseless rejection occurred between them. This is their first meeting was terrible.
Tarot, received a handwritten book of Helena, recalls his previous life, turning the pages.
In fact, he was a magician, going to the reincarnation of "sexual magic research."
Tarot restore the memory of the previous life, using a spell, and calls her sister with her brother, the inhabitants of the demon world.
"We are called by a very familiar! It has been a long time since last time"
"Yes, we can not resist, if everything was done properly"
"Are you the reincarnation of the guy?"
Tarot regains its past life, learning new spells and starting sexual intercourse with his brother and sister, in order to learn more about sexual magic.
"Oh, I'm not a girl (succubus), I'm a boy (Incubus)"
"Really? Actually, I do not care"
At the same time, Elena saw the sex of three people at a time ... and at this point, too, recovers his memory from a previous life.
She was also a magician, but was beaten and badly disgraced Tarot.
For this reason, it controlled its incarnation and looking for ways for revenge.
"In fact, I love the Tarot. I want to make it mine."
Hiding revenge, Elena intends to use sexual magic on the Tarot.
Even demonic brother and sister looking for a way to break out of his control.
This feast of sexual magic, pregnant with danger, will change more and more ...

Lovecubus! ~Onna no Ko Akuma