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Gaman Dekinai! Futanari Milk Maid

The Middle Ages, a world where there futanari.
Hero, which uses the maids-futanari, squeezes them milk every morning.
When you put milk in Futanari coffee, the sweetness increases and it becomes incredibly delicious!
The bright and obedient "Irma" and arrogant, cocky, "Romina".
On the hero has an important role - to make a maid, which will serve as a perfect host and his son, using the full lustful nature Futanari!
But they apparently still worried about sex with a man.
Exploring their surface a keen eye, he uses the carrot and stick, gradually leading to erotic vescham.Zatem took the virginity of futanari, to milk a lot of milk with their large grudey.Den after day we tame these maidservants Futanari, through various means, making them more obedient or obscene ...

Gaman Dekinai! Futanari Milk Maid