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Inwai Saimin Seitaiin ~Bitch na Onna wo Seijun ni Jinkaku Henkan Massage~

The back of the sober mall, manipulative Institute sober this also.
However, in that manipulative Institute, there was a secret.
Applied to the hand director, Shioya Kazuto, like any woman,
Body, of course, to the depths of my heart, and I would loose all.
In deep ecstasy by aroma massage, voice of the director enters the mind.
"You ...... and we will dissolve simmering,
Is different and so far, ... it will become a new you. "
So, Shioya Kazuto is to comb, hypnosis.
Beautiful woman who had become a puppet,
Taste the deep pleasure by hypnosis, fascinated, and Yuku down.
Although it was Kazuto had really enjoy the Shogyo an immoral manner,
One day, it is tangled in a woman of loose morals Bitch stupid a dissolute.
It's just a waste of time involved in this woman.
- But at that time, I think suddenly.
The Fallen and indecently elegant woman, so far, has been changed to nymphomaniac yourself.
If you try to reverse it ......?
A woman to know the Shyness and intelligent a ladylike, like a fucking woman.
On these, - and Yari reshaping completely in the head
And I'll commit a guy screaming in shame.
Smiling a deep smile, Kazuto is caught in a trap Bitch,
Yuku ...... to Torture to their liking.
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Nanpa Nama Hame Nakadashi Banzai 6

"In the evening,! 'S Time for out-Nampa Bareback middle" Guy who loves supremely Nampa is, came back it was Tama ~ ~ Evil! Nampa spot this time Station! Through the night from the evening, and target lock-on to the beauty that cling street! Prey aimed Get sure! OL beauty school girls a shy, drunken, receptionist ...... bank of blind date way Basque. The Reality of what the alien girls, and Kudokiotoshi, and once you brought to etch as it is! And finish Bareback! Jari Nige ~ tsu ~ tsu! Irresponsibly is !!! last Tsu out in ~ from
Real thrill! Nampa just Korezo. Knight, emergency, style top! Out wrecked Bareback during
Nikukyun Ongaeshi ~Tasuketa 2hiki ga Onna no Ko ni Natte Yattekita~

The protagonist of the rest alone on summer vacation.
Strolling along the river, he found a kitten and a puppy, which someone threw in a box on the street.
The hero had a good heart, and he decided to shelter and care for them. Everything was going fine until pets are gone.
After a couple of days, the hero, returning home from a walk, was taken aback. He was met by two lovely girls.
Unknown magic turned into a cat and a puppy of people because of their desire to reward the good man.
But the hero did not know what happens thanks to a depraved ...
Konchuu Kansatsu Shu - Monster and Hentai

Which had been faced with the decision firefly Saotome (Saotome firefly).
One day, she went to school while earning tuition part-time job due to circumstances of the household is subject to a proposal to take over the tuition Kunugi Azusa is a teacher from (Kunugi Azusa).
But, it intended to seek the return of course, be required to cooperate with the study of ecology and improvement of insect promoted by Azusa.
Azusa without the compulsion to fireflies that do not put out the answer immediately, to give time to think.
It was a firefly waver, but part-time job would be to Bale (Kamina maple) Kannagi maple is the student president, it is forced to quit.
Firefly to either know the situation and asked to answer from Azusa again, I asked what I should do.
Then, in Azusa say better to get a look at the fast, and is guided to the phrase room.
Kamogawa bud Love (Kamogawa niece) is fucked by a giant insect, there was a figure-stricken indecently in the room.
Azusa give out it's a cooperation that I want to do is this.
A heterogeneous scene that takes place in front of the eyes, answer fireflies put